About Us

Our number one priority is helping you save money.

We Mentor Money.

Mentor is an online financial marketplace where you can shop for loans and credit cards from anywhere. We partner with leading banks and lenders so you can compare your best options to meet your financial goals.

Our actionable advice, educational tools, dynamic calculators, and insightful reviews help you conquer life's most important financial decisions with confidence.

Our Values

We are our values.

Our values guide everything we do at Mentor, especially how we serve you.

Value #1

Put you first.

Mentor is built for you — to make your life simpler and better. You are our #1 focus.

Value #2

Build and foster trust.

We want to earn your trust as the most reliable source of personal finance information.

Value #3

Keep it simple.

Personal finance can be difficult to understand. Our goal is to simplify complex topics into actionable advice that helps you thrive and make better financial decisions.

Value #4

Be curious.

Curiosity drives innovation. We are constantly searching for more ways to serve you. As soon as we learn something new, we want to share our discoveries with you.

Value #5

Champion your money.

Our goal is to protect you and your money from being over-charged. We will always serve as a champion of your money. Our goal is to help you compare and shop for a better deal.

Value #6

Celebrate diversity.

Mentor celebrates diversity. We believe in inclusivity and everyone should feel welcome.

Value #7

Demand accountability.

We hold ourselves to the highest standards and we expect the same from our partners.

Value #8

Lead with integrity.

We lead with integrity, truth, and honesty.

Value #9

Create transparency.

Financial services need more transparency — and Mentor wants to lead the way. That's why we share how we make money.

Value #10

Lead with courage.

It takes courage to challenge the status quo. Banks and financial institutions don't like it when we compare their rates side-by-side. However, we do it any way to give you an advantage they don't want you to have.

Value #11

Show empathy.

"Empathy" is rarely talked about in personal finance. Yet, we are here to listen patiently to your story. We want to hear from you and understand how we can help.

Value #12

Be selfless.

Mentor is about serving others. We want to give more than we receive to create maximum impact.

Value #13

Treat everyone with respect.

Titles and experience are irrelevant if you can't be courteous. Treat everyone respectfully.

Value #14

Make it fun.

Enough said.

Value #15


No challenge is insurmountable. Find the solution. There is always a way.

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