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- How does Mentor work?

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The Mentor business model


Compare rates and terms

Evaluate the latest rates and terms from top-rated financial partners.


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Find the best loan or credit card for you, and then submit one or more applications.


How we get paid

If you get a loan or credit card through Mentor, our financial partners pay us.

Mentor's business model is win-win

We want to help you make smarter financial decisions with confidence. We partner with top-rated financial brands that share in our mission to help save you money. Importantly, all our articles and reviews are independent and unbiased — they're never reviewed, endorsed, or approved by anyone but us. If you find the best loan or credit card for you, hopefully you save some money. We make some money. Lenders and credit card companies can help serve more customers. It's a win-win. We only get paid if you get a financial product. Of course, there's no obligation to get anything — only if it works well for your financial needs. Otherwise, please enjoy all our free content, comparison tools, financial calculators, and detailed reviews. Yes, they're really free.

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Educational Tools

Instantly compare the latest rates and loan terms so you can make smarter financial decisions.

Dynamic Calculators

From student loan refinancing to credit card payoff, learn how much you can save.

Insightful Reviews

Read independent and unbiased reviews on top financial products so you can be more informed.

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