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Mentor is a personal finance comparison marketplace that connects consumers with leading financial brands. We help drive smarter decisions through actionable advice, educational tools, dynamic calculators, and insightful reviews.

We believe in full transparency in financial services. That’s one of the reasons we created Mentor – to help level the playing field between large financial institutions and you. We provide articles, comparison tools, calculatorsand other content (“Mentor Content”) for free and for educational and informational purposes only. Mentor Content is not intended to provide financial, legal, investment, accounting or tax advice. Our tools and calculators are for illustrative purposes only and are not guaranteed to be accurate. The results and default figures shown in our tools and calculators are hypothetical and may not apply to your individual, unique situation. We are not affiliated with or endorsed by the U.S. Department of Education or any other government agency. All the editorial content on Mentor is independent and written solely by Mentor. The content and reviews on Mentor are based solely on the author’s opinions, and is not provided, approved, endorsed or reviewed by any financial institution, bank, credit card issuer, hotel, airline or any partner or other entity.

It is also important to us to share how we earn money. We are not a lender, broker, credit card issuer or financial or investment adviser. Mentor also does not provide financial, legal, investment, accounting or investment advice. We are a for-profit company and receive compensation from our partners if you apply for and receive one of their products. This helps us to support our website and continue to offer free content, analysis, tools, resources and reviews so we can fulfill our mission and continue to be one of the leading sources on personal finance. The products featured on this website are from our partners who compensate us. This may impact which companies we review, the products we evaluate, and where and how a product appears on a page. We receive compensation from a partner when you apply for and receive a product through Mentor. Any compensation that Mentor receives from its advertising partners may affect how and where products appear on the site, including, for example, the order in which a lender or credit card appears in a table. This also may influence which companies or products we write about or review, but this doesn’t affect our reviews or recommendations, which are based on independent research. Mentor is not compensated for writing a favorable review of a product or service. Mentor strives to work with a diverse group of high-quality companies to help you make more informed financial decisions with confidence. However, we recognize that we cannot include on our website every financial company, product or service available in the market nor can we guarantee the lowest price, lowest rate, best rate or best terms available in the market. Clicking or selecting “Get My Rate” will cause you to leave Mentor’s website and direct you to the website of our advertising partner, where you can learn more about the partner and its products and services.

Our current advertising partners include:

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Mentor is not involved in the application, underwriting or credit decision for any product or service. Each partner makes its own, independent decision on the application, underwriting or credit review for its respective product or service. Any and all products and services are presented herein without warranty or guarantee. You should consult with a licensed financial professional before making any financial decision. Please review the full terms and conditions for each financial product or service before you apply.

Please note that the rates and terms contained on the Mentor website are estimates and may change at any time and/or differ from your final rate and terms, which may be based on your individual credit profile, income and other factors as determined solely by the lender, credit card issuer or financial services provider. All rates, terms and conditions, and products are subject to change by the lender without notice. Credit cards featured on our website may not be available through our credit card partner or partners. For the most up-to-date information, please visit the lender’s or credit card issuer’s website directly.

We are grateful for our relationship with you and the trust that you have placed with Mentor. We want you to make financial decisions with confidence. So, we will always strive to be the most transparent, trustworthy and reliable source for personal finance information.



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